Reflection Week 1

Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years. How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts?

I have spoken to my best friend, Frederick. He identifies me as his best friend and that i am a funny person who is very knowledgeable about the world and he can always turn to me as i’m a responsible person. I feel that Frederick knows me very well as we are very close. However, in my opinion, i feel that i’m not very knowledgeable about the world as i have far less experiences than those who are older than me and that i have much to learn. I feel that i’m only funny occasionally as i am very serious about my work. Although, I do joke around when it comes to things that are not work-related. I agree that i’m responsible and reliable as i will finish tasks given to me fairly quickly.


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One Response to Reflection Week 1

  1. Humility is the first step to success! A person who thinks s/he knows everything will stagnate and stop learning.


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