Global Voices

As I was browsing through the list of news articles on Global Voices, what struck me the most was this article. I’ve noticed that nowadays, Singapore has been having more erratic weather patterns mostly attributed to Global Warming. This made me wonder on what efforts other countries have done to combat the issue on Global Warming.

On Chiloe Island, the marine phenomenon known as red tide which is a rapid spread of algae which causes a higher concentration of toxins has affected the livelihood of many fishermen.


Many attribute the recent red tide to the excessive salmon industry which was hit by an algal boom which killed more than 24 million salmon. Two thousand tonnes of the salmon were disposed in a marine trench which is more than three thousand metres deep, and more than 130 kilometres from the coast. However, the environment minister simply dismissed the phenomenon to climate change. This caused protestors who have been protesting since 3rd May 2016 to resort to road blockade, barricades and burning tires.  From this article, I feel that environmental issues should be taken more seriously.

In conclusion, I feel that the root cause of the problem should be investigated and dealt with appropriately by implementing preventive measures and proper plans to deal with the crisis.  Protecting the environment is everyone’s undeniable responsibilities, we should do our part as Global Citizens to help save the environment


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