Unusual Occupations

To me, ‘unusual’ means that it is not well-known or talked about, jobs such as Lego Certified Professional, Professional Mountaineer and Sneaker Customizer are examples of unusual jobs as many people don’t even know these jobs exist. I chose this activity because I had always assumed that Singapore only has ordinary jobs such as Accountants and Researchers mostly targeting the science and business industry. I never knew that Singapore has a array of unique jobs that you could take up.


Mr Nicholas Foo, 36, is the only full-time artist in Singapore and Asia who is Lego Certified Professional. When he was 8 years old, he received his first set of Lego which was a car that sparked his interest in Lego. When he made a bear with a hidden compartment in its tummy using Lego bricks as a gift and uploaded it online, it garnered a lot of attention which made him decide to turn his hobby into his full-time career. Being a Lego Certified Professional, he is a trusted business partner of Lego which allows him to market and sell their products and services as Lego master artists.

I feel that in terms of occupation, if you are able to turn your passion into your career, it is a massive feat. Many people often choose jobs that offer high wages or are pressured by their parents to take up a job that they do not like, which may lead to job-hopping as they can’t find a job that suits them. If your passion is your job, you are able to earn a living whilst practising your hobby at the same time, what could be better than that?


10 Singaporeans With Unusual Jobs Who Earn More Money Than You


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