Made in Singapore

Did you know that the thumb drives we use so often today was originally made by Singapore-based Trek Technology? Who would have thought that such a tiny device is able to store large amounts of data within it?

First sold in 2000, the thumb drive is a small device capable of storing a lot of data that can be easily carried around compared to a hard drive or a disc. The thumb drive is used widely today because of its convenience and usefulness. It truly is a revolutionary invention.


What would i create if i was an inventor?

I chose this blog activity because ever since i was young, i wanted to improve life for humanity, be it directly such as being a doctor or indirectly such as being a researcher. So, if i was an inventor, i would create a cure for cancer. I know that currently, there are treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy. However, these treatments have side effects and are not guaranteed to succeed. These treatments are expensive and cause suffering to the patient. Currently, there are new ways to identify cancer cells, this allows targeted chemotherapy so that less healthy cells will die during the process. However, it is only in its developmental stages and would require more research. My idea is to create a drug that can identify and kill cancer cells in the body without damaging other cells. This will minimize any side effects from taking the medicine.

In conclusion, I have never knew that Singapore was a hub for creative ideas. I’ve only thought that Singapore was a country renowned for its trading, tourism and education industries. This shows that we Singaporeans can be active Global Citizens by inventing products that are beneficial and used around the globe.


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